Our website made a huge step forward over the summer.

Schoolblazer adopted Online Returns. Put simply, this allows customers to log back into their Schoolblazer accounts if they wish to return or replace a garment and select the action to take.

The benefits are clear: The customer can select the replacement garment that they wish from the range available, using our intelligent sizing system and with clear information on stocks.

Schoolblazer then action this immediately, picking and dispatching the replacement item before we receive the return. Under the old system we don’t even know that a return is expected until it is received and processed, wasting valuable time.

This was a significant technical investment for Schoolblazer but the benefits in stress reduction are clear: We understand that returns are stressful. Parents want uniform to be “solved” in as shorter time as possible. Before online returns this could take as long as two weeks, for garments to be returned posted by the customer, transacted by the Post Office then received and actioned by ourselves and then re-posted. It now takes only two days from the online return form being completed to the new item being received by the customer.

The reduction in stress is worth it for all involved and we have received a great deal of positive feedback from parents.

This is my first experience of using Schoolblazer and I have been incredibly impressed. The quality of the fabrics used, the speed of delivery and the ease of returning items and exchanging them,has made the whole processvery easy - thank you.

Cranmore School Parent