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Limitless provides high-performance sportswear and staffwear to over 200 UK independent school communities, in addition to bespoke teamwear.  We believe that every young person should have the confidence to be healthy and active and to be inspired by sport.

Limitless has a wide variety of colours and options for your school, encouraging everyone to take part. Our curriculum wear features high quality fabrics based on years of research, uniting the school community. Our staffwear keeps staff warm, dry and comfortable throughout the school year, with customisation options and the ability to personalise in our UK warehouse. Finally, our teamwear can help to inspire your individual teams to greatness, with technical fabric options and an online portal for easy ordering.


Our insight comes from working with leading academic partners, charitable organisations such as The Mintridge Foundation and the Youth Sport Trust, as well as our customers and clients. We are proud to have these two fantastic organisations as our charity partners:


From March 2024, our Trusted Partners will be stocked on to offer more solutions to barriers which stop young people from participating and enjoying being active, and in the case of Rezon, to ensure our young people have the best possible protection when playing sport.

Why create a sports bra specifically for teenage girls?

We know that 50% of girls drop out of sport due to body concerns and self-consciousness. We know because we listened to them. Hundreds of them. We took our findings and collaborated with leading designers, manufacturers and testers, plus our own creative team, to develop a unique product — so unique it’s patented — a sports bra for teenage girls.

Performance fabrics

All of our performance garments are designed and made to work with the needs of growing bodies. We believe that young people aren’t just scaled down adults and need their own range of products to suit the needs of their growing and changing bodies.

Materials that work in harmony with growing bodies
We don’t cut corners: our buyers work with some of the world’s leading fabric suppliers, renowned for operating at the forefront of technical innovation. We know that the key to enjoying sport is to stay in the moment and focussed on the game. By providing technical kit which creates a warm, dry and protected environment for the wearer, we ensure they can keep their mind on the playing field.
Waterproofing and breathability
Keeping the rain out and keeping the body dry are vital for outer layers. Our waterproof fabric is used in our jackets and outer layers. It has a waterproof surface and a breathable inner to let perspiration escape.
Effective moisture transport moves sweat away from the skin. Our playing layer fabrics have a wicking inner layer that absorbs moisture, enabling it to evaporate from the upper surface where the inner layer feels dry.
Abrasion Resistance and Movement
Young skin is fragile and smaller bodies feel the cold. Effective base layers provide resistance to abrasion and additional warmth. Our base layer fabric has a 4-way stretch so that it sits close to the skin and moves with the wearer.
Keeping warm
Keeping warm is essential for hardworking muscles. Our warmth fabrics have been cleverly designed to incorporate a hydrophobic outer coating to repel rain and moisture away from the fleecy inner layer, allowing effective insulation.
Give your school the competitive edge

With more ways to customise your school’s kit, you can count on our design team to deliver performance wear that everyone is proud to be seen in.

The benefits of an online shop

With an online account and once your child’s sizes are entered, you can shop easily and quickly online, with all school kit delivered directly to your door. We are proud to be the school sports kit supplier to over 180 schools.

Our years of data serve us well in recommending sizes for you in our online shop.
We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours and in 2020, we achieved this 98% of the time.
Our online returns system makes returning any items quick and easy - we’ll even send you the new item before receiving yours back.
Discover more about how your school would benefit from our service.
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