“I love that it is so easy to speak to actual people really quickly at your call centre without having a palaver trying to get through; you are so polite and helpful!”

Lord Wandsworth parent

With bespoke designs and online management, we are the ideal choice to look after school uniform and sportswear provision at your school.

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We understand that independent school uniforms should reflect the school’s community and heritage. What your students wear is a reflection of your school.


Our years of experience support you all the way, from the choice of fabrics and colours, to the way you present ideas to your school community.


We invest in stock to ensure we can deliver for you. With over £2m invested in logistics and IT, we underpin our promises with a clear service level agreement.

Simple online
for money
Our service level agreement standard for all schools
Orders shipped within 2 working days
Product availability back at school
Helpline calls answered in 30 seconds

How we do it

Ordering made easy
Our simple step-by-step process recommends the correct products, based on your child’s size, gender, house and sector of the school they attend. You see the garments relevant to your child.
Intelligent sizing
It’s our understanding of the clothing needs of schools, parents and the growing bodies of children, coupled with our online retail superiority that makes us the No 1 choice for uniforms and sportswear in UK independent schools.
Stock availability
We invest in stock for your school, to ensure we can deliver. Backed with over £2m investment in logistics & IT. We underpin our promises with a clear SLA.
Value for money
We produce our garments to last - a Schoolblazer wool/polyester mix blazer is designed to be worn more than 600 times. The average item of clothing is only worn 7 times.
Guaranteed fulfilment
We keep stock for our schools, and forecast availability to ensure you have the garment you need when you need it.
Customer service
With our experienced Customer Service team, you will always be able to speak to someone about any issues, even at our busiest time of year.
Free name-taping
We employ over 80 sewing machinists in our dedicated production facility in Mansfield. They sew over 1 million name tapes over the summer – that’s more than 1 mile per day! It’s challenging, but we deliver.
Optitex Pattern Technologist
“I make the benefits of the Optitex 3D pattern-making software available to the buying and sales teams. Digital 3D sampling has totally changed pattern development. Its use of digital avatars also helps us to better understand the way uniforms, sports kit and fabrics move and fit children.“
“I love being a buying intern at Schoolblazer. The daily responsibilities and opportunities provide me with skills that will be invaluable in a future buying career”.
Rebecca Smith, Buying Intern

We’re serious about
Ethical Trading

We believe in free and fair trade and that everyone involved in our production should enjoy a better life as a result. We were the first independent schoolwear retailer to be accredited by the Ethical Trading Initiative.

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