October 20, 2021
Case study

Langley School

Schoolblazer were invited by the COO of Langley, Lisa Green, to pitch for the supplier contract on uniform in 2019. It was awarded to us for our unique and superior web offering as well as our extensive product knowledge and superlative customer service record.

Langley had acquired their prep school, Taversham Hall, about eight years previously, to the dissatisfaction of some parents; they viewed Langley School as downmarket to Taversham, and begrudged that a senior school of a different demographic had consumed the prep school. Unfortunately, the uniform did nothing to dispel this point of view; it was scruffy and low quality, poorly representing both the schools and their beautiful rural Norfolk locations. Much of it was black and grey, with an overly-formal city feel, and didn’t align with the school’s setting or values.

Jon Perriss joined the school as Head in 2019 with a brief to unite the schools and deliver a new united vision. At the first meeting with the school’s senior management team, Schoolblazer Co-Founder Robin asked, “Are you a city or country school?” Looking out of their drawing room window towards an ancient cedar in the mowed grounds, the answer and direction of the new uniform were both obvious.

Langley’s new, rural-influenced uniform uses tweed and complementary plaids to create a softer look, while remaining smart and eye-catching. All students from prep to senior wear a jacket made of bespoke Langley tweed, developed in conjunction with the school. The green herringbone design is woven in Yorkshire using Shetland wool.

All blue chambray shirts and blouses are made with our Performance Cotton – developed in Japan, this wraps a polyester strand in cotton to bring together both durability and comfort. The knitwear has a bottle stripe at the neck to complement the bespoke Langley tie, which is navy with a repeated silver and bottle stripe at the tip, made and woven in the UK.

Schoolblazer also designed a Langley-branded stormproof jacket to wear in inclement weather conditions. Many schools, on adopting a beautiful new uniform, are reluctant to cover it with a variety of coats and jackets; having one branded item of outerwear ensures uniformity even outside the school grounds.

In 2020 the school also underwent a complete rebrand, with a cleaner logo and colour scheme to capture the quality that was lacking previously. Schoolblazer ran focus groups at both schools with parents and staff to discuss the new uniform, and it was unanimously preferred to the old style, going above and beyond parents’ aspirations. COO Lisa Green complimented both the uniform and the ease of the design process, saying, “we are delighted with our new uniform and ever grateful for Laura's never-ending support and question answering”.

Jon Periss, Headmaster, says, “Schoolblazer have been a fantastic company to work with. Robin was generous with his time and expertise; we now have a uniform that we are proud of and that reflects the ethos of the school. Robin and team were thorough in their preparation and execution, ensuring that we had the right look for us.”

View Langley’s school uniform presentation, discussing the process and details of the new uniform, here.



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