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Lasting legacies for schools of distinction

We understand the responsibility of producing a new uniform. Whether you are seeking an evolution into more modern shapes and fabrics, or a complete uniform redesign, we have the creative resources and expertise to deliver.

A place in history
We’re proud to work with some of the most prestigious schools in the UK, including Charterhouse, Brighton College and Norland. Over the years, schools have trusted us to design their uniform with their school brand in mind, producing uniforms of character and quality.

Our proven process

We have helped almost 200 schools transition to a new uniform and a new supplier – our experience will support you every step of the process to ensure new designs and supply are supported across all stakeholder groups and implemented seamlessly. We work with you to create consultation sessions, parent presentations, letters and even fashion shows. All designed to build the excitement and ensure that a change of uniform can be used as it should - as a catalyst of positive change.


Your school has a history and heritage which should be reflected in your school uniform choices. Our design team will create options which respect the school’s legacy and character, helping to support the school community.

Developing a creative direction

From washable wool-mix blazer fabrics produced in Yorkshire, to hi-tech innovative cotton fabrics developed in Japan, we travel the globe to find the very best fabric technology. Our design team then turns these fabrics into distinctive, high-quality garments. The result is an unparalleled suite of garments that break with convention by offering modern styling with a look, feel and fit that are second to none.


Selecting materials

Performance cotton
Parents want the comfort of cotton, but the non-iron convenience of polyester. We worked closely with Japan’s leading fabric supplier to develop ‘Performance Cotton’. Put simply, ‘Performance Cotton’ encompasses a polyester core with a cotton outer, so the cotton is always next to the skin. This provides all the coolness and comfort of cotton with the durability and easy-care properties of polyester.
Cotton is softer and more comfortable in knitwear than traditional acrylic, but is prone to fading. We have worked with some of Europe’s leading dye houses to develop a colour fast knitwear. Tested for over 50 washes it comfortably outlasts most other brands, giving colour consistency for the school, durability for the parents and comfort for the pupils.
Schoolblazer have developed our own bespoke Tweed quality with our Yorkshire Mill to increase durability without compromising on the softer handle or unique style of the fabric.


We know the ‘finishing touch’ is everything. Our on-site embroidery and decoration technology allows us to respond to bespoke orders quickly and efficiently.

Pattern cutting

We are now investing in the next generation of 3D pattern-cutting technology to ensure that changes in sizes can be incorporated quickly and simply into our garments.


Despite our wide range, just 10 suppliers provide almost 90% of our products. Many of these have worked with us since our foundation and are vital to our success. 

Name-taping seamstress
“Some months we are sewing in miles and miles of children's name tapes into their uniforms – I almost know them all by name!”

Barnard Castle School

Barnard Castle joined us in 2021 with an entire uniform re-design. The new design reflects the school’s traditional yet forward-thinking approach as well as the combination of rural and urban, local and international pupils.

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Brighton College

Brighton College chose Schoolblazer in 2020 for uniform and sportswear. They have a ‘skirt’ and ‘trouser’ uniform, allowing pupils to choose the uniform most suitable for them.

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