Schoolblazer Covid-19 Response

Like all businesses around the world we have spent the last few months helping our staff, customers and suppliers work through the Covid-19 outbreak.


Our supply chain has been challenging. We source from both the UK and overseas. All of our suppliers have experienced some disruption and this has inevitably impacted our delivery timings. However, it is clear that our long relationships with our suppliers and history of prompt payments and fair dealing have meant that our orders received priority. Some of our suppliers have experienced grave difficulty but we have supported them where we can and are confident that we will have full availability. Inevitably some products have been delayed and our back orders, when we send stock later on a separate delivery, will increase. We pay for the cost of this, but we do recognise that it is inconvenient for our customers. We apologise for this in advance however, this has been an unprecedented experience for us all and we sincerely hope that we can all keep any disruption to a minimum.


Our warehouse is operating as normal – dispatching on a target 48-hour lead-time.

As of October 1st 2020, our name label sewing service is back in operation and any name tags that you purchase for your school uniform or sportswear order, will be sewn in for free.


Our returns system is operating as normal, and we are ensuring that all garments will be quarantined before being returned to sale to eliminate any chance of cross contamination.

We look forward to serving all of our customers again as we return to normality.

Call our Customer Helpline on 0333 7000 703 or email

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