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Schoolblazer Covid-19 Response

Like all businesses around the world we are working our way through the Covid-19 outbreak. Our first priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff, suppliers and customers. Accordingly, we have taken the following action:

In accordance with the latest government advice our school shops are temporarily closed. Our warehouse is operating with a skeleton staff under very strict working conditions and we aim to dispatch orders once a week, processing returns as and when we can. For the moment these orders can’t include name tagging. If you have ordered or returned a garment then we apologise for any delay.

We are presuming that our customers will still want to purchase uniform ready for the Summer back to school season and are planning for that. Our team are working hard (from home) to ensure that we can deliver a great service to our customers once the position changes. They can be contacted on their mobiles or Zoom.

How we are managing our team

Where any staff member is asked to self-isolate or becomes sick with the virus, then we are paying full salary. We have suspended our usual time limits before moving to statutory sick pay. Our sincere hope is that we can support all of our staff through this difficult time and we have no plans to impose redundancies. We have a great team and are going to need them all both now and in the future.


We are working very closely with our suppliers. Where they are overseas and not subject to the same restrictions as the UK we are encouraging them to input new cleaning and monitoring regimes and to implement new patterns of working. We are very actively working with all of our factories, wherever they are located, to ensure that when they do operate, they can operate under conditions of safety for their staff. We are also working hard to ensure that, when manufacturing does resume, our garments receive priority. It is clear that our long history of fair-dealing, on-time payments and close cooperation will stand us in good stead.

This is a difficult time for all of us and we will keep this page updated with any developments. In the meantime, our thoughts are with all of our Schoolblazer family; our team, our customers and our suppliers. We are all in this together and all need to pull together to get through it.

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