Thinking About Switching
Uniform Supplier?

Schoolblazer Makes It Simple for Schools and Seamless for Parents

With a proven switchover process that establishes our service, design and technology expertise, Schoolblazer is the smarter choice for everyone.

Schoolblazer works closely with each school, managing the process and drawing upon its 10 years of experience to ensure an easy and stress-free transition.

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Focus Groups

Conduct research with parents and pupils


Develop Initial Design Options

Review school market position and strategy, create initial designs for review


Finalise Design

Present final design proposals to SMT for approval


Fashion Show

Present final proposals to parents and pupils


Agree Detailed Product Requirements

Review all elements of the uniform list and ensure that products are ordered and set up for the correct parts of the school


‘How It Works’ Presentation

Present the website and uniform to parents


Go Live

Product in stock and website live



Present ‘Summer Performance Report’ with improvement plans

Why Schoolblazer is the Smart Choice


Raising the bar on design, using our in-house design studio


At Schoolblazer we work with the leading textile mills from around the world and our buyers are constantly seeking innovations to make our garments easier to wear, more durable and more comfortable.

Our in-house testing and innovations centre then subjects these fabrics to much higher standards than industry norms for colour retention, resistance to shrinkage, and abrasion resistance to ensure that they can withstand the rigours of school life. We expect all of our garments to last for 3 years, which is typically over 100 washes.

Examples or recent innovations include:

Performance Cotton – a unique yarn, where cotton is wrapped around an inner polyester core. This ensures that cotton is next to the skin, giving comfort with the durability and non-iron properties of a polyester-rich garment.

Stay-fast dye. Cotton-rich knitwear is much softer to wear than acrylic, but cotton fades. We’ve worked with the world’s leading fabric dye manufacturers and yarn spinners to create, “stay-fast” cotton acrylic knitwear.


Unique garments, in fabrics sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers


Our garments are produced by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and rigorously tested for quality.

All of our fabrics are tested before they make it into our production.

Our garments are fully tracked during production, QC inspected at every stage, and inspected again when they arrive at our warehouse to ensure year-on-year consistency of colour.

Before shipping all of our garments are then subject to a final inspection.


KPIs for Availability and Service


We believe in keeping our promises. That’s why all of our schools have a detailed set of Key Performance Indicators which we measure our performance against. These cover challenging targets for product availability (more than 98%), shipping times (less than 48 hours, fully name-taped), times to process returns (less than 48 hours) and even how fast our customer service department answers the phone (less than 20 seconds).

We don’t hit all of our targets all of the time, but we are open about where the areas for improvement lie.

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