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Experts in Product Development

Delivering genuine innovation to Schoolwear

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Focus on Fit

Passionate about fit. We’ve used some of the country’s finest garment technology and undertaken thousands of fit trials to develop garment shapes that look smart and flattering on today’s pupils.


New Fabrics

Independent school parents want the comfort of cotton, but the non-iron convenience of polyester. We worked with Japan’s leading fabric supplier to develop ‘performance cotton’.

Put simply this wraps a polyester core with cotton so the cotton is always next to the skin. All the coolness and comfort of cotton with the durability of polyester. We introduced this fabric across all of our shirts and blouses in 2014 and the reaction has been amazing.


Design Expertise

We source from around the world, but use the UK where geunuine expertise still exists. The majority of our blazer, suit and skirt fabrics are still woven in Yorkshire.


Branding ‘Beyond the Badge’

We know the ‘finishing touch’ is everything, from bespoke buttons to jacquard linings and unique tartans we have the design expertise and sourcing contacts to deliver.

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