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Limitless is a revolutionary brand dedicated to encouraging all young people to develop a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are now the leading sportswear brand in the UK’s top schools. We are focused on young people and understand that comfortable, well-fitted, high-performance kit is vital to building life-long sporting confidence.

We believe that everyone can enjoy physical activity, and that interest in a healthy lifestyle starts early. Inspiring and engaging young people in sport is essential. We want them to have the confidence to live their life without limits and improve their health and wellbeing.

Limitless Sportswear

Often when it comes to style and fit, the specific needs of young people are overlooked. So Limitless delivers kit that’s hardworking, comfortable and flattering, because it’s the first step to getting them excited about sports – on the pitch, on the court, in the gym and on the track.

In 2021 we are supporting the Youth Sport Trust with research into participation in sports at independent schools. We hope that this will enable insight into sports provision at schools across the UK, and encourage more young people to stay active.