About Us

Schoolblazer is the UK’s leading school uniform supplier best known for its dedicated commitment to delivering exceptional garments and first class service.

We have built relationships with leading textile innovators around the world, bringing new ideas and styles to over 170 schools in the last 10 years. From country tweed to city pinstripes, we use our expertise to ensure that changing uniform supplier is managed smoothly and effectively.

We Have a History of Designing the Future

We were the first to offer a truly bespoke school uniform; the first to include free name-tape application as standard; the first to offer an online shop for parents to purchase at ease; and the first to introduce Intelligent Sizing.

Our ‘firsts’ have been the benchmark.

Even now, when we’ve got a 95% customer satisfaction rating and our returns are under 8% – the lowest level of returns in UK online clothing retail! – we’re just getting started.

Our Culture and Values

We Make it Easy
for our Customers
We Deliver on
our Promises
We Care
We Innovate
and Learn
We are
One Team

The Schoolblazer Team

We have a 30-strong team at our head office in Oundle, with a further team of 25 machinists, warehouse operatives and sewing specialists in Mansfield.

We’re a young company established in 2004. Being small, we have the ability to listen to our customers’ views and make changes quickly. There are no big company politics! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your opinions be they positive or negative – we’ll listen either way. The founders, Robin Horsell and Tim James, focus on strategic development but in reality Louise Crofts runs the business. Robin has a background in supply to Marks and Spencer having been a main board director of M&S’ biggest supplier. Tim has a retail background and was Buying and Marketing Director of Homebase. Louise is the rock on which the business is founded and despite having two young children, keeps a firm handle on the tiller to make sure we’re on the right course and avoiding icebergs! As Managing Director, Louise has responsibility for all aspects of day to day management, including buying, finance and operations. If Louise says it can’t be done – you can be sure that every avenue has been explored! Jane Dexter is our Finance Director. She is a fully qualified ACMA and is very clever. She is the navigator that prevents the Schoolblazer ship hitting the rocks. Jane is responsible for producing our management accounts and we are grateful for her diligence in delivering them accurately and on time. Jane works with Tim to ensure our bank’s continued support, delivering our A* credit rating. Technology Director, Ray Beaumont looks after all our IT needs at head office, in our warehouse and on the web. He also leads the design, development and support of our bespoke e-commerce and back-office systems. His background includes a diverse range of businesses, most recently as CTO at Hemscott PLC.

Founders & Directors

Jane Dexter

Finance Director

Louise Crofts

Managing Director

Ray Beaumont

Technology Director

Robin Horsell


Tim James


Schools Team

Amanda Andrews

Product Manager

Amanda works on our new school implementations, ensuring every product detail is signed off by our customers and making sure through her diligence there are no c*ck ups! She also builds our new school websites, ensuring they are delivered to you on time and to specification. She brightens our day with her smile and constant inappropriate innuendos.

Clare Burrows

Account Director

Clare has worked at Schoolblazer for over 7 years spending most of her time with Robin . She deserves a medal, but instead we promoted her to Account Director. Clare makes sure that all our School customers can’t stop talking about how fabulous we are, because she is responsible for their wellbeing. If there is a problem – Clare is all over it making sure that it’s resolved instantly. Outside of work, Clare will often be seen out on her horse team chasing, including the boys!

Harriet Lomas

Product Manager

Harriet is responsible for all those really important sales admin jobs that need lots of attention to detail, something that doesn’t come naturally to sales people! If you look after one of our shops or you buy through Schoolblazer Direct, you will be familiar with Harriet’s diligence. She is a trained Barista, not that you’d notice with the quality of Schoolblazer coffee!

Laura Sharrock-Long

Account Manager

Laura used to live in Corby, but never made it to work on time because her wheels were always missing from her car, so she moved to Rutland, and now is part of the country set. She has an HNC in Business in Marketing and originally applied to work within our marketing team, but we liked her so much we decided to let her loose on our customers. She is teaming up with Clare to take responsibility for ensuring our Schools think we are fabulous, manage our critical paths and wrinkle out decisions on product as an Account Manager. She has to spend a lot of time in the car with Robin and Clare so be sympathetic if she appears frazzled.

Squadkit Team

Lucy Horsell

Business Development Manager

As her name suggests, Lucy has the misfortune of being Robin’s daughter. Lucy joined Schooolblazer from RSM where she was involved in corporate finance, she now is responsible for Squadkit business development. She is passionate about our “count me in” campaign and ensuring every student wants to participate in sport. She is also leading our Limitless sports bra project. If you need help on Squadkit, get in touch, she will be there in a flash as long as she hasn’t lost her car keys …!

Mark Hodgson

Business Development Executive

Mark is the newest member of our team. Mark works with Lucy developing our Squadkit business and driving the “Count me in” movement. Mark will focus on working with our Heads of Sports and delivering their team, tour and staff wear requirements. Mark is a qualified ECB Cricket Coach and has great skill in working with children having previously run the “chance to shine” cricket programme in 15 local schools.

Robbie Smart

Squadkit Coordinator

Robbie Smart is a strapping lad and great to have around the office. He’s very popular because he loves nothing better than humping boxes and is always willing to lend a hand. Robbie used to be a dab hand with a Bunsen burner as he always wanted to be a Scientist. His first job was with Joules and then he realised he needed to be with a proper clothing retailer: Schoolblazer! Robbie looks after our Squadkit team and staff kit orders. Your teamwear or staffwear order being on time and to specification will be down to Robbie’s scientific attention to detail.

Marketing & Design

Annabelle Williams

Junior Designer

Annabelle is our latest design team member. She is immensely talented and has a Masters in Fashion Design. When we interviewed her she blew us away with her hand-rendered design but did not have the necessary IT skills to meet the brief. So, she set off and learnt them, and the rest is history! She will bring a new exciting dimension to our design team, complementing Lana’s creativity.

Lana Turner

Design Coordinator

Lana originally joined Schoolblazer as an intern on design and buying but liked it so much she decided to return after graduating to head up our design service. If you have been in receipt of one of our excellent design boards, Lana’s skills will be all too apparent. Lana is Lee’s (IT) daughter. We like to keep it in the family at Schoolblazer.

Sarah Taylor

Marketing Manager

Sarah is the femme mystère of Schoolblazer. She is a graduate of the University of Cape Town with a 2:1 in English and Psychology. Her interest in psychology means that she can see straight through Robin and Tim’s nonsense. She is also a sexual counsellor which has caused a sensation in the office. Nobody knows where to look. Outside of the twilight zone, Sarah looks after all of our marketing and events. She is particularly busy following the tremendously successful relaunch of the Squadkit and Schoolblazer brands.

Customer Services Team

Alison Thorpe

Customer Care Director

Alison heads up our Customer Care Team and if you find that your call has been referred to our Head Office you will invariably hear from Alison. Her calm and sunny demeanour will smooth any crisis! You can be sure she will move heaven and earth to help resolve your query.

Niamh Harrington

Customer Services Assistant

Niamh came to help us out on customer services over the summer of 2018 and liked it so much that she begged to come back for her year’s placement from Northumbria University, where she is predicted a first in Business Management. That will make her over-qualified for Schoolblazer. She describes her key achievements at University as “Made it to Cosmic Tuesdays 11/12 weeks in a row in semester 2 and made it in to all my 9 am’s on a Wednesday”. That alone qualifies her for a career at Schoolblazer.

Buying Team

Charlotte Goodall


Charlotte is responsible for all of our uniform purchasing. Charlotte has recently undergone a style makeover to ensure that she can procure service from our suppliers that would be out of reach to other schoolwear retailers. Charlotte often travels to Indonesia to make sure our garments are being made to the highest standards and our manufacturers are meeting their obligations on ethical trading.

Debbie Smith

Import/Export Coordinator

Debbie is a vital part of the Buying team. She is responsible for shipping so works very hard to ensure our product does not get stuck in customs or held up by Brexit style red tape. She’s a mother of two and a little older than the others so has to stop listening when the younger members of the office are discussing their weekend antics.

Steve Tuck

Head of Buying

Steve heads up the Buying Team and oversees all sportswear and uniform purchasing, making regular trips to our factories in Indonesia and Sri Lanka to monitor production and to source new products. Steve also ensures that our suppliers meet our strict ethical and environmental standards. Steve is a keen oarsman, regularly testing our Squadkit sportswear products himself.

Tatjana Daskevic


Tatjana is part of our Squadkit sportswear team. She has a Master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management from Cranfield. She’s fizzing with ideas for how we can improve and loves being involved in sports product development, giving her a break from the number crunching!

Merchandising Team

Amy Turpin

Merchandising Administration Assistant

Amy supports the merchandising team ensuring that customers’ orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible. Luckily for Amy she doesn’t have a long commute to work as she lives 2 minutes away. She enjoys working in a team and facing a new challenge which includes trying to refrain from her love of shopping.

Charlotte Colclough


Charlotte supports the Squadkit team ensuring that orders are placed and products are coming in on time. Charlotte is a very keen cyclist and thinks nothing of a 50 mile jaunt on a weekday. She makes the rest of the office feel very unfit!

David Robinson

Merchandising Administration Assistant

David used to work for our next-door neighbours but quickly realised it would be much more fun at Schoolblazer. He then found himself sat next to Julie Catling and had to listen to her stories. He wasn’t expecting that booby prize! David works in our merchandising team, tirelessly ensuring our products are delivered on time. He’s a keen footballer, having been part of the Peterborough United academy, and worked before at Derby County.

Debbie Torr

Head of Merchandising

Debbie has the impossible task of managing our availability. She has to work out how many of each size of our 40,000 products we need to meet our year round 98% availability target. She’s pretty good at it, having worked at Yours, Joe Browns and Next in similar roles. One thing for sure though is that she will never win. Tim will tell her she has too much and Robin will tell her she has too little. It’s just as well she doesn’t take any notice.

Julie Catling


Julie is responsible for all of uniform purchasing. That is a very complicated task as there are so many variations but through her great tenacity she gets it right! Julie makes sure that we have the right levels of stock in our warehouse to fulfil all of our orders and spends her time chasing our suppliers to ensure that our stock arrives in good time. Outside of work she loves bellringing and the WI. No! don’t judge her; she’s lovely!

Stephen Lewins

Data Analyst

Stephen is responsible for the merchandising of our uniform and sportswear and uses clever forecasting tools to help the buying team to purchase the appropriate levels of stock for each school. Stephen has a mathematics degree and talks in a language that only Tim really understands.

Finance Team

Julie Shields

Finance Assistant

Julie looks after the Schoolblazer financial administration and is responsible for paying, not making excuses to, our fantastic suppliers. She also has the most important job in the office – paying the team’s wages and their expenses. You’ll often see Julie telling Robin off for incorrect expense claims; she says he’s worse than politicians! Julie is always the life and soul of the Schoolblazer Christmas party.

Sam Gallant

Junior Finance Assistant

Sam is the newest member of the finance team. He is a Maths graduate like Stephen. They are both very brainy. They used to share a flat, so you can imagine how much fun they used to have watching University Challenge on repeat. Sam works hard to ensure our cash is spent carefully by the Buying team.  Sam is a font of knowledge and likes to be able to answer difficult problems posed by the Directors. He’s also fast developing a reputation for being the last to leave company nights out!

IT Team

Hayden Melville

Application Support Engineer

The girls in the office got very excited at the prospect of a big muscly Kiwi in the office. Hayden did not disappoint even though it would appear from his girth that his All Black days are long behind him. Hayden works in our IT Department on something called software. His CV has words like Widget, Android and something called GitHub. It’s a total mystery to us all, but one thing we do know is we wouldn’t be without his cheerful smile and super helpful demeanour.

Jon Hudson

Infrastructure Manager

Jon is the IT wiz of the office. He recently defected from our excellent IT support company, Cambridge Networks, to join the Schoolblazer team. Whenever anything goes wrong IT-wise, Jon is your man. Like when Robin can’t log on to Facebook or other such crises! Jon attended the now famous Schoolblazer summer barbeque. We think this event alone persuaded him to jump ship.

Lee Daffern

Senior Analyst Programmer

Lee has had a varied career running and developing a wide variety of websites. He’s a real coding whizz but is happiest when he’s working from home (usually in the middle of the night) rather than the office. Lee leads the development of our e-commerce platform.

Operations Team

Leanne Ryan

Stock Control Manager

As the name suggests, Leanne is Sean’s sister. Leanne is the Schoolblazer font of all knowledge! She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of our product range and takes responsibility for all goods in and processes all garments arriving at the warehouse. Leanne ensures these pass our rigorous QC examinations prior to release to the pick face.

Sean Ryan

Operations Manager

Sean is the legend that is our Operations Manager. Sean joined the business as a packer and has risen through the ranks to run our whole Schoolblazer Logistics operation. This is no mean feat. He has responsibility for distributing nearly half a million items over the summer period and sewing on 5 ½ miles of nametapes per day! In 2018 we shipped all of our orders within two days – a testimony to his warehouse team!

Globalisation and Ethical Trading

At Schoolblazer we believe that free and fair trade is an important way to spread wealth around the world.

Learn more about ethical trading

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